Friday, February 12, 2010

Thoughts of Hate on Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day typically brings thoughts of love and romance, flowers and chocolates, happiness and joy. Those are not my thoughts this Valentine's thoughts are those of hate. 

Love and hate used to be reserved for the most serious expressions of emotion, but now people seem to hate everything - winter, dogs, facebook changes, even Valentine's Day.

What is inspiring my feelings of hate on this snowy Valentine's weekend? ...Cancer. I hate cancer. ...I HATE CANCER!!!!! ...My normally quiet soul cannot scream those words loud enough. 

Cancer seems to be everywhere, silently infecting families, destroying lives. When I was twelve I watched it eat away at my Grandmother. Several years ago it finally claimed the life of a coworker who had become a dear friend. Today it has decided to attack my Grandfather. 

Multiple myeloma is the form this enemy has taken. "A cancer of the plasma cells." It destroys your bone marrow and eventually your bones. 

His cancer is still in the early stages, that could possibly make it more treatable...but it will never make it more lovable. 

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