Friday, December 18, 2009

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas?

Have you ever noticed how many things you ask for with conditions attached?

We haven't had significant snow for the past three Christmases since I've been travelling home from South Carolina. I happen to love snow, so I've been pretty disappointed. There is really nothing like the peace and tranquility of being outside watching the snow fall. I miss seeing everything covered in a blanket of white and not worrying about what you have to get done because you know there is no hope of you going anywhere. I love snow!

Not only have I been wanting to see snow but I think Alyssa, Raymond, and Alex have been praying for snow since August (or whenever it was finally decided that they were all joining me on this trek to Ohio), and if anyone fits the description of "faith of child" it is these three!

As the date of departure drifts closer I am realizing that I didn't just want snow, I wanted it to snow my way. I wanted just the right amounts to fall at just the right times and in just the right places. We are supposed to leave in a little more than 36 hours and words like "sleet," "ice," and "major snow storm" are starting to find their way into discussions about weather along the East Coast. It wasn't supposed to snow in huge amounts. It wasn't supposed to snow right before and while we were driving. It wasn't supposed to snow in the places that don't know how to handle it (i.e. anywhere south of the Mason-Dixon line). It was supposed to snow my way!

I know at this point anything can happen. I know things often end up nothing like the weathermen predict. I know I am being somewhat overdramatic. ...But there is a reason to my ranting...

It was just another example of how determined I tend to be that things either happen my way, or not at all. Another example of how I hate uncertainty. Another example of why I need to learn that my plans don't matter. Another example of my needing to let go and have faith.

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