Saturday, July 10, 2010

Saying Goodbye...

The tears have come. I knew they would. They have been building up for about a week now. I didn't know when, or where, but I knew they'd come.

They like to tell you the steps of grief, but I have trouble believing they fit everyone and every circumstance when death is never the same way twice. I have lost family members and I have grieved their passing. I miss them and their roles in my life. But the losses that have shattered my heart the most over the years are those to whom I have no earthly relation.

I work with kids (teenagers mostly) because they are so full of life and so full of hope for the future. That's what makes their death so difficult to bear. I always thought it would be the phone call telling me that Seth, with his big heart and even bigger smile, was gone that would haunt my memories. The shock, the disbelief, the desire to wake up from an all too-real dream. A nightmare I never wanted to have to go through again.

Saturday morning, the family of Community Bible Church will be gathering to say goodbye to Laurian, a sweet girl from my Sunday School class. How do you say goodbye to someone who ran to give you a hug every time she saw you? Who loved to dance and dreamed of becoming a fashion designer? How do you say goodbye to anyone who dies so young? How do you answer the unanswerable questions?

I'm not able to be there tomorrow, but if you are reading this please join me...
~in praying for her family.
~in praying for the church family.
~in praying for the teens in the church, especially our Sunday School class.

So many are hurting, are questioning, are trying to understand...please pray that in this time we will learn to draw ever closer to the only One who can comfort our broken hearts and bring healing to our shattered world.

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