Sunday, July 31, 2011

My brother made me cry today...

Last night I noticed a book outside the door to my room. I just assumed that my mom had found one she thought I would want to read and left it there for me.

I waited until this morning to bring it in and just tossed it on the bed while I was getting ready for church, still not paying much attention to it. 

There was some cardboard sticking out of the top and I thought maybe she had come across some stickers or something that she wanted to send home with me. I opened the book and found two gas gift cards instead. My first thought was they had been forgotten in a drawer or purse (gift cards were a frequent reward for meeting her quotas when she worked at the bank).

Then I saw the message at the top...only one person I know writes like that (and it isn't my mom).
He may not say much, but he knows how to get his point across...and apparently how to make me cry.

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