Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Shaky Sparrow

I could never get a tattoo, my aversion to needles has seen to that. But if I could I know what it should be... Matthew 6:34, in reverse on my forehead so I could see it clearly every time I looked in the mirror...

So do not worry about tomorrow; for tomorrow will care for itself. 
Each day has enough trouble of its own.

I love to plan things. Working out schedules and strategies truly makes me happy (pathetically sad, I know, but true nonetheless). I let myself get fooled into thinking that the more I plan something the better guaranteed I am that everything will go perfectly. 

Part of this I blame on my job. As an educator you are told the better planned your lessons are the better your chance of success, which is a point. 

It is also my job as an educator that should remind me how futile plans can sometimes be. It doesn't matter how many hours you spend perfecting an incredible plan when one misplaced comment by you (or a student) can derail the entire thing. 

Now before some of you start worrying, I haven't had some major plan fall apart, I just find myself once again wondering how some things are going to work out and being so tempted to come up with my own plan. 

I really should know better. Most of the biggest mistakes in my life were things where I let myself get too caught up in my plan. Most of the best things in my life were things where I had no plan at all....

I never planned to go to Malone for my education, but I'm grateful I did.

I never planned to get a Master's degree in American History, but I'm glad I [almost] have.

I never planned to move to South Carolina.

I never planned to work at Allendale or Carver.

I never planned to find CBC.

I never planned to meet some of the amazing people I have met over the last five years.

In fact most of my plans would have kept God's plans from ever happening. 

So this morning I needed the reminder not to worry and to take my own advice on being still before the Lord. And maybe instead of getting a tattoo on my forehead, I should get one on my heart instead.


  1. You actually have a really good blog I secretly read it don't tell anyone.

  2. That secretly means a lot, but don't tell anyone. =)