Thursday, August 4, 2011

My Journey South: First Thursday, August 2006

Compared to the rest of the week, Thursday was rather uneventful. I spoke with the Human Resources supervisor before heading off to class and was officially offered the job. I was told that I'd be receiving a sign-on bonus once I got there and that they had arranged for me to stay with the female assistant principal because they knew I wouldn't have time to arrange housing.

"Overwhelmed" was quickly becoming my word of the week. Even though I had another day and a half of classes with two incredible professors my brain was officially toast. I was now more concerned with places to live and lessons to teach than American statesmanship...and I happen to be fascinated with American statesmanship. I checked into dropping the class, but it was advised against by the administrative assistant and the director (who also happened to be one of my professors). So I had the rest of Thursday and Friday to both prepare for my exam and the biggest move (literally and figuratively) of my life. 

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