Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Journey South: Second Thursday, August 2006

It is always an amazing thing when someone tells you they will pray for you, but when they back up their prayer with a little shoe leather you really know they care.

By Thursday afternoon my mom and I had figured out the only form of communication that really worked, I would let her know I was back and then she would call the hotel to be connected with my room. She was waiting on me Thursday, it seems she had a busy afternoon.

Donna's husband, Clif, was our pastor when we lived in Chattanooga. It seems he had spent much of the day calling every church connection he had within South Carolina asking if they knew anyone who knew anyone who lived in Allendale. He was talking to a church secretary in Columbia when he got the unexpected response, "Well, yes, one one of my closest friends lives in Allendale!" He explained to her the circumstances and she connected him with her friend, whose name was also Donna. He explained things to Donna and then connected her with my mother. They talked for a while and before I even knew what was going on, it had been arranged that I would move in with Donna until the apartment was ready. She gave me Donna's number and we worked out that I would move in on Saturday. The entire situation was the greatest reminder I have yet experienced that God has a solution for our greatest problems already prepared before we even experience them. (It is also why Psalm 37:7 is my favorite verse.)

I wanted to mention this yesterday, but Blogger wasn't cooperating...

What I have been writing over the last week, or so, is based on what I was experienced at the first impressions and feelings that were subject to change as my time at the school went on. I did not know at the time that the assistant principal was someone who would be there for me many times, helping me with problems and dealing with parents. I had no way of knowing, as I know now, that if she knew all that was going on and how the district office was treating me she would have stepped in. 

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