Friday, August 12, 2011

My Journey South: Second Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, August 2006

Friday was rather uneventful, a welcome change and a much needed opportunity to just crash. That night I relished being able to simply sleep without worrying about making it to work on time or being prepared for class the next day.

By early Saturday afternoon I had my car packed once again. I paid the hotel bill, thankful that it had only been for six days not three weeks, and headed to Donna's. We were both pretty worn out, she had company for much of the week and I, well, had the week I had; so we moved my stuff in and then didn't do a whole lot.

That evening her daughter and grandchildren came over. It was Michelle's thirtieth birthday and her husband was working so we had some cake and ice cream and I was introduced to two of the cutest redheaded boys you will ever meet in your life and one very outspoken nine year old. Alyssa's first words to me were, "I thought you'd be younger!" It amazes me that Michelle's youngest, Alex, doesn't remember a time when I wasn't around.

I hate admitting that the next morning Donna and I decided to skip church. She was still tired, I was still feeling overwhelmed. Later in the afternoon we went to lunch and made a trip to Walmart. Lunch was at a Mexican restaurant that she really liked and it wasn't too bad (no where close to El Campesino, though), but I was almost finished with my meal when I discovered a dead fly on my plate. I chose not to let Donna know and covered it with a piece of lettuce, but quickly realized I was no longer hungry.

...This is pretty much the end of my day-by-day account of moving to South Carolina. There are some assorted loose ends that I will tie up in another post, or two.

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